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Dedicated to making great sounding drums.

No detail is too small if it results in a better drum.

The heartbeat of expression

The universal center of musicality

The rhythm of communication

Look deep within. Open yourself and free yourself to play. Become the person you're meant to be. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Now, you are ready to create. But what tools will you choose?

Enter Taye.

Taye Drums was founded in 1975 with the sole purpose of crafting instruments that are an extension of your art and originality. Beginning as a company that supplied superior quality hardware and drums to many of the world's most famous brands, after several years it became evident that it was necessary to offer Taye innovations and design ideas to all drummers seeking practical solutions to seemingly complex issues that interfere with the ability to create and perform. Solutions such as the SideLatch Snare Release™, SlideTrack™ Tom Holder System, PocketHinge™ Bracket, Articulated Claw Hook System-that virtually eliminates the need to disassemble claw hooks and tension rods from bass drums when changing heads-and studded lug gaskets that remove any metal-to-wood contact allowing the drum to resonate more freely.

Complete attention to detail and playability is incorporated into every Taye drumset, from student level to ultra-professional. What's more, unlike many other instruments, every component is entirely made by Taye. This gives you the assurance of incomparable quality control and serviceability of every instrument and accessory we create.

So what are you waiting for?

Your only limitation is your imagination - your future lies beyond.

Taye Drums . . . best seat in the house.

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