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2017 USA Retail Price List:
Taye Drums 2017 USA Retail Price List

Product Brochures:
2013 GoKit Brochure
2013 Snare Drum Brochure
2013 Galactic Audition Brochure
2013 ParaSonic Brochure
2013 StudioMaple Brochure

Artists Seeking Endorsements:
Taye Drums Artist Application

Product Manuals:
Taye MetalWorks Single and Double Bass Drum Pedal Manual
MetalWorks Double Bass Drum Pedal Left Handed Conversion Picture Guide
TC91 and TC92 Conversion

Product Reviews:
Taye Original Review
Taye StudioMaple Bebop Review Page 1
Taye StudioMaple Bebop Review Page 2
Taye Studio Birch Review
Taye GoKit Review
Stainless Steel Snare Drum of the Month
Taye Accessory Clamp System (ACS)
Taye 13"x7" StudioMaple and StudioBirch Snares, plus 14"x6.5" "Avatar Blue" Taye Original

Chicago Drum Show Banner
2012 Winter NAMM Show Main Banner
2012 Winter NAMM Show TMW Banner
2012 Winter NAMM Show ParaSonic Banner
2011 Winter Namm Show TMW Banner
2011 Winter NAMM StudioBirch Banner
2011 Winter NAMM "Play" Banner
2011 Winter NAMM Show StudioMaple Banner

*All artwork has been downsized for web preview and download. All original artwork is available upon request.

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