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Ismael Cancel
Calle 13
Josh Collazo
Edward Sharpe...
Gary Stanionis
Will Denton
The Farm

Michael Rowsey
Jason Crabb
Scott Williamson
Jordon Ellis
Ben Sollee
Lee Kelley
Heidi Newfeild
Matt Walker

Jules Radino
Blue Oyster Cult
Mike Palmer
Garth Brooks
Trey Gray
Ronnie Dunn
Memo Acevedo

Artist Name: Band/Group/Project: Style(s): Gear: Website:
Memo Acevedo Educator Latin StudioMaple N/A
Barry Alexander Jonny Lang Country StudioMaple N/A
Joe Barrick Sam Grow Band N/A
Hal Blaine The Wrecking Crew Rock StudioMaple N/A
Shan Bricker Independent N/A
Claes Brondal Independent N/A
Jake Caldwell Independent Country StudioBirch N/A
Earl Campbell Sheena Easton Rock/Pop StudioBirch N/A
Ismael Cancel Calle 13 Latin StudioBirch N/A
Josh Collazo Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Rock StudioBirch N/A
Gary Dacus Independent N/A
Ekendra Das Independent African GoKit N/A
Will Denton The Farm Country StudioMaple
Fred Domulot Educator All StudioMaple N/A
Jordon Ellis Ben Sollee Rock, Folk GoKit N/A
Ian Falgout Independent Rock StudioMaple N/A
Gerald French Charmaine Neville Rock StudioMaple N/A
Roger Friend Independent Jazz StudioBirch
Robbie Fritz JJ Weeks Band Christian Rock StudioMaple
JJ Garcia Judge Jackson Rock StudioMaple N/A
Michael Gendler Independent Rock StudioMaple N/A
Trey Grey Ronnie Dunn Country ProX N/A
Steve Gryb Pied Piper of Percussion All Studio Maple Concert Toms
Dino Guerrero Independent All StudioMaple N/A
Duber Espinoza Mac Salvador/Rastros Folk Gokit Duber's Facebook
Eli Hludzik Graceland Productions Rock StudioMaple N/A
Josh Hughes Independent N/A
Rischard Jenkins Anthony Hamilton N/A
George Lawrence Poco/Nashville Independent N/A
Lee Kelley Heidi Newfield Rock StudioBirch N/A
Bill Mondragon DW3 Latin StudioMaple N/A
Stefan Mörtl Independent / Norman Stolz / Educator Pop/Rock/Funk Studio Maple/ Brass Snare Stefans' YouTube channel:
Joey Muraoka Rian Basilio & The Roosters N/A N/A N/A
Nez Mike Mangione & The Union Rock StudioBirch N/A
Joseph Nivare Boy Meets Machine Rock StudioBirch Band's Facebook
Joey Oscar Independent N/A
Mike Palmer Garth Brooks Country N/A N/A
Joseph Pignato Independent Jazz StudioMaple N/A
Jules Radino Blue Oyster Cult Rock StudioMaple N/A
Jonathan Rodriguez The Knux Hip-hop StudioMaple N/A
Michael Rowsey Jason Crabb Rock StudioMaple, GoKit N/A
Sam Ruttenburg Educator All StudioMaple N/A
Adam Salcedo Independent N/A
Manny Sanchez Groove Session Funk ParaSonic N/A
Scotty Schultz Shooter Jennings Country Rock StudioMaple N/A
Phil Sneyder American Hitmen N/A
Brian St.Clair Local H Rock StudioMaple N/A
Gary Stanionis Elements Rock StudioMaple N/A
Ty Tammeus Artizan Melodic Metal StudioBirch N/A
Brett Vargason Nashville Independent Pop ParaSonic N/A
Chris Von Streicher The Supersuckers N/A N/A N/A
Matt Walker Morrissey Rock/Pop ParaSonic & StudioMaple N/A
Shen Wang WJX Percussion Group Jazz,Latin,Pop Taye Studio Birch N/A
Darryl Wells Jr. Al Green Rock StudioMaple N/A
Scott Williamson Educator All StudioMaple N/A
Andy Winter Independent All ParaSonic & GoKit
Chao Yang Hao Yun Urban Folk Music Taye Studio Birch N/A
Demetrius Williams II Alisa Apps,Beauty In The Breakdown,Chairos Rock,Electropop,Jazz and R&B Prox
Wei Maio Multi-Ego/ The Falling Metal Core Studio Birch N/A
Bojan Krhlanko Indepent Jazz,Funk Maple BeBop N/A

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