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Wood Hoop Upgrade Package:
  • Upgrade ANY* of Your 14" Taye Snare Drums to Wood Hoops With This Upgrade
  • Durable 14ply North American Sugar Maple Hoops Add Deep and Warm Overtones and an Authentic Sidestick Sound
  • Available in Durable Natural or Black High Gloss Lacquer Finishes
  • Includes: Articulated Claw Hooks and black Spacers and pair of Wood Hoops

*Excludes 13" Snare Drums and Drums with Vintage Tube Lugs

TC91: Single Tom Clamp
  • Unlike other manufacturers, clamps to even the thickest guage tubing available
  • 10.5mm L-Rod
  • Modular design: two can convert into one TC92

TC92: Double Tom Clamp
  • Unlike other manufacturers, clamps to even the thickest guage tubing available
  • 10.5mm L-Rod
  • Modular design: With additional parts, it can convert into 2 TC91's

UB105M: Memory Lock
  • Fit's all 10.5 MM L-Arms.
  • Memory Lock for UB105 Mounting Bracket

TL57: Taye Drums Signature Long Double Sided Lug

TL57S: Taye Drums Signature Short Double Sided Lug

TL17: Taye Drums Signature Single Sided Lug

BB90: SlideTrack Bracket
  • Found on ParaSonic, StudioMaple, StudioBirch, and GoKit Bass Drums
  • Accepts BB90L

  • Slides into BB90 Slidetrack Bracket
  • Accepts 3/4" Boom Arms

BC100: Articulated Claw Hoop Bass Drum Claw
  • Eliminates the need to remove claws and tension rods when replacing drum heads

BB80: Tom Mount
  • Equipped on ProX and RockPro Bass Drums
  • Accepts BB80P

  • Slides into BB80 Bracket
  • Accepts 3/4" Boom Arms

Triple Flange Counterhoops

Available in the following sizes in 2.3mm and 1.6mm weights:
  • 6"- 4hole
  • 8" - 4hole
  • 10" - 6 hole snare side
  • 10" - 5 hole
  • 10" - 6 hole
  • 12" - 5 hole
  • 12" - 6 hole snare side
  • 12" - 6 hole
  • 13" - 6 hole snare side
  • 13" - 8 hole snare side
  • 13" - 5 hole*
  • 13" - 6 hole
  • 13" - 8 hole
  • 14" - 6 hole snare side*
  • 14" - 8 hole snare side
  • 14" - 10 hole snare side
  • 14" - 6 hole*
  • 14" - 8 hole
  • 14" - 10 hole
  • 15" - 8 hole
  • 16" - 6 hole*
  • 16" - 8 hole
  • 18" 8 hole
*Only available in 1.6mm

FL95L: Floor Tom Leg
  • 9.5mm Knurled Rod

14" Die-Cast Hoops
  • Available in Batter and Snare Side

AC20: Inline Accessory Clamp

AC50: Universal Swival Accessory Clamp

BT10: BallTilter with Rod

DPCS-B: Nylon Cymbal Sleeve (Bag of 6)

DP-CWN1B: Nylon Cymbal Nut

DP-HBP1: HiHat Cups
  • Fit all Taye HiHat Stands

DP-CF: Cymbal Felts (10 Pack)

TK60L: Taye Drums Logo Drum Key
  • Features Hole for Key Ring

TLBD: Taye Drums Bass Drum Logo Decal
  • Available in Black or White

HC100R: Quick Release HiHat Clutch
  • One of our most popular items due to its innovative design!
  • Threadless design eleminates stripping
  • Interlocking mechanism makes this a durable and reliable clutch

UB105: PocketHinge Bracket
  • Strong and slip-free performance
  • No internal pressure points, this bracket distributes even pressure across a wide area of the rod it accepts
  • This is the same bracket that is equipped on all suspension mounts, bass drum spur mounts, and our hi-end floor toms
  • Fits 10.5mm Knurled Rod

UB105M: PocketHinge Bracket Memory Lock
  • Fits seamless with our UB105 PocketHinge Bracket

UB100: Bracket Memory Lock
  • Found on ProX, RockPro, and Spotlight Floor Toms
  • Fits 10.5mm Knurled Rod

SP90: SpringFlex Bass Drum Spurs (Pair)
  • Sleek design allows the player to position stands easily around the bass drum
  • Features a 10.5mm Knurled Rod

SR90A: SideLatch Snare Release/Throw Off
  • Simplistic design makes for a very durable and reliable release
  • Knurled tension knob
  • SlipLock prevents loosening of snare wires

SB90A: Snare Butt Assembly

PSKB2: Double Sided Felt Bass Drum Beater
  • Two sided felt beater: round and wedge
  • Allows Tilt

PSKB1: Small Round Felt Bass Drum Beater
  • Allows Tilt

PPKB1: Round Felt Cylindrical Bass Drum Beater

DP-S37: Roller Bearing Spring Assembly
  • For PSK701C and 702C Bass Drum Pedals
  • Roller bearing design makes for smooth and quite operation

DP-S38: Roller Bearing Spring Assembly
  • For MetalWorks Bass Drum Pedals
  • Roller bearing design makes for smooth and quite operation

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