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With close to 40 years of drum manufacturing experience, we understand how different woods present different tonal characteristics. With this in mind, there is not one wood type that is best at serving the purpose of every drum within the drum set.

That's where ParaSonic comes in.

ParaSonic combines hand-selected sheets of two of the most popular woods used for manufacturing high-end drums: maple and birch. We use the natural characteristics of each wood to create a tailored sound for each drum and its purpose within the set. That being said, maple has a naturally warm, well-rounded tone, with a balanced mix of bottom end punch, lower mid-range warmth, and hi-end attack. Birch, on the other hand, has naturally brighter tone, with accentuated highs resulting in increased attack and presence. ParaSonic's rack toms utilize a blend of maple and birch with a thicker shell to produce brighter tone, increased attack, and shorter sustain. Floor toms utilized 100% North American Sugar Maple with a thinner shell resulting in deeper tone and increased sustain. Lastly, bass drums feature 100% North American Sugar Maple for warm sub lows, as well as maple SoundRings for increased attack and projection.

See below for a detailed look into ParaSonic's shell specifications...


  • North American Sugar Maple and Premium Birch hybrid
  • Shells 8" to 12" are 2ply Maple/4ply Birch, 6.2mm
  • Shells 14" to 22" are 6ply Maple, 4.8mm
  • EFS™ Shell Technology
  • 6ply maple SoundRings™ on bass drums
  • ParaSonic Lug
  • UB105 PocketHinge® Bracket
  • BC100 Articulated Claw Hook™
  • Brilliant High Gloss Lacquer Finishes
  • Studded Gaskets
  • SlideTrack®: Tom Holder System
  • SuspensionRings™ for Rack Toms
  • 2.3mm Counterhoops

Available Component Drums:

Bass Drums:
PS2218B - 22"x18"
PS2016B - 20"x16"

Floor Toms:
PS1616F - 16"x16"
PS1414F - 14"x14"

Rack Toms:
PS1209R - 12"x9"
PS1085R - 10"x8.5"
PS0808R - 8"x8"

Snare Drums:
PS1407S - 14"x7"
PS1405S - 14"x5"

Suggested Hardware Pack:
HPA - Hardware Pack A

EFS Shell Technology™:
Engineered For Sound. Among other innovations, Taye EFS™ utilizes cross-lamination in the shell formation process. Cross-lamination is the method of perpendicularly alternating the direction of the wood grain within the plies, providing drums with extremely rigid shells, resulting in breathtakingly broad tuning ranges.

This patented feature allows near infinite adjustment of lateral placement for mounted toms, enabling the player to position drums to best suit any needs.

Another Taye innovation. With no internal pressure points, PocketHinge™ effectively distributes force across a wide area of the rod to which it mounts, delivering dependable, slip-free performance.

Studded Gaskets:
Patented studded lug gaskets remove any metal-to-wood contact allowing the drum to resonate more freely, delivering optimum sonic performance in all environments.

Articulated Claw Hook™:
Virtually eliminates the need to disassemble claw hooks and tension rods from bass drums when changing heads. The Articulated Claw Hook is designed to isolate the claw from the wood hoop, preventing unwanted tonal interference in live or studio applications.

Simply designed for optimum performance, this side-action release system employs a minimum of moving parts. With a large knurled tension knob for easy snare adjustment, and our unique SlipLock feature that prevents unwanted loosening of snare tension, SideLatch™ is strong, smooth, and flawlessly reliable.

Suspension Rings™:
An industry standard, SuspensionRings™ allow mounted toms to float freely, providing optimum tone and resonance.

Springflex™ Spurs:
Taye's unique SP90 bass drum spurs not only improve bass drum resonance, the sleek design enables the player to easily position stands in and around the bass drum. Retractable spikes eliminate bass drum movement.
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