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Taye MetalWorks™ - The Ultimate Kick Pedal

Ever feel like your pedal just isn't responding to you? Ever feel like you're adjusting to the pedal rather than the pedal adjusting to you?

Taye MetalWorks™ resolves.

From its patented adjustable cam, to the length and feel of the footboard, MetalWorks creates a seamless bond between you and your machinery. The double version is even easily convertible to a lefty without having to buy expensive additional parts. MetalWorks eliminates concentrating on your equipment, allowing you to concentrate on your art.

Taye MetalWorks™... your only limitation is your imagination.

Taye MetalWorks Product Guide

Taye MetalWorks Left Hand conversion Picture Guide

Ajustable Cams:
The most powerful feature on the metalworks is its fully adjustable cams which allow you to customize the feel of the pedal and tailor it to your unique playing style. This feature will allow you to dial in a pedal setting that mirrors your foot so that your pedal is never fumbling and never skipping a beat. It will feel great with the factory setting, but once you play with the different cam settings, that is when you have a Taye MetalWorks that is truely yours, and it's the most comfortable feeling in the world.

Roller Bearing Spring Assembly:
Besides its sleek design, the Roller Bearing Spring Assembly contributes to the MetalWorks' super silky smooth response.

Footboard Length Adjustment:
Another powerful feature for changing the pedal feel is the footboard length adjustment. This feature adjusts the angle of the chain pull. Adjusting the angle of the change pull dramatically changes the feel at the footboard. Experiment with an angle that feels just right.

Beater Rod Adjustments:
The beater rod has a number of adjustments including length and tilt adjustments.

Stick Caddy:
A Taye MetalWorks Exclusive, the stick caddy puts that extra pair of sticks right where you need them. The perfect solution for when sticks go flying!

Beater Head Adjustments:
The beater head on the MetalWorks is adjustable, allowing you to adjustment the angle at which the beater strikes the head.

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