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Looking for a professional pedal without the high end price tag?

Look no further than the PSK701C SuperKick Single Pedal.

The PSK701C features the same roller bearing spring assembly found on our popular MetalWorks Pedal giving you the same level of smooth and articulate response at a price that wont break the bank.

Additional features include adjustments such as spring tension adjustment, beater angle adjustment, beater height adjustment, and beater position adjustment.

Like the MetalWorks, The PSK701C SuperKick is a smooth, powerful, and reliable pedal.

Roller Bearing Spring Assembly:
Found on our high-end MetalWorks pedal, the roller-bearing spring assembly provides silky smooth and articulate response.

Adjustable Beater Head:
The beater head on this pedal is adjustable, allowing you to adjustment the angle at which the beater strikes the head.

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