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Imagine attack, presence and control in an instrument that is universally musical and incredibly extraordinary in appearance.

Birch is revered by drummers seeking to cut through the mix; it is the wood of choice for achieving accentuated highs and lows with reduced mids, producing timbre with striking clarity and punch.

StudioBirch wood hoop snares are constructed from hand selected birch plies, and have been painstakingly engineered utilizing Taye's exclusive EFS™ shell technology to provide the optimum resonance and tonality. Moreover, the durable 14ply Sugar Maple hoops give the drum unmistakeably warm and rich overtones and provide an authentic side stick sound.

Want to be noticed? StudioBirch is for you.


  • 100% Custom Premium Birch Shells
  • Shells are 7ply, 7mm
  • EFS™ Shell Technology
  • 14ply North American Sugar Maple Hoops*
  • SideLatch Snare Release
  • BC100S Articulated Claw Hook
  • Brilliant High Gloss Lacquer Finishes
  • Premium Laminate Finishes
  • Studded Gaskets

*Wood hoops are available in your choice of Black or Natural high gloss lacquer finishes and can be combined with any StudioBirch finish.

Available Sizes:
  • 14"x7"
  • 14"x6"
  • 14"x5"
  • 14"x4"

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EFS Shell Technology™:
Engineered For Sound. Among other innovations, Taye EFS™ utilizes cross-lamination in the shell formation process. Cross-lamination is the method of perpendicularly alternating the direction of the wood grain within the plies, providing drums with extremely rigid shells, resulting in breathtakingly broad tuning ranges.

14ply Sugar Maple Hoops:
14 plies of North American Sugar Maple are layered to provide an extremely rigid and durable wood hoop. Sonically, wood hoops provide warm and rich overtones, and a full and natural sidestick. Available in your choice of Black or Natural high gloss lacquer finishes.

Simply designed for optimum performance, this side-action release system employs a minimum of moving parts. With a large knurled tension knob for easy snare adjustment, and our unique SlipLock feature that prevents unwanted loosening of snare tension, SideLatch™ is strong, smooth, and flawlessly reliable.

Articulated Claw Hook:
Virtually eliminates the need to disassemble claw hooks and tension rods from bass drums when changing heads. The Articulated Claw Hook is designed to isolate the claw from the wood hoop, preventing unwanted tonal interference in live or studio applications.

Studded Gakets:
Patented studded lug gaskets remove any metal-to-wood contact allowing the drum to resonate more freely, delivering optimum sonic performance in all environments.

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