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MetalWorks 14"x6.5" Vintage Brass Snare Drum

A 2mm heavy gauge beaded brass shell is outfitted with 2.5mm chrome plated brass triple-flange counterhoops.
  • 14"x6.5" beaded geavy gauge 2mm brass shell
  • Weathered vintage finish
  • Vintage-style tube lugs
  • Equipped with Puresound™ custom snare wires

Retail for the VB1465 is $1,299.00

Additional info, click here.

Taye Specialty 14"x7" Walnut/Mahogany Hybrid Snare Drum

Taye Drums has released the next edition in their ever-expanding series of Taye Specialty snare drums. The TSWMH1407S-CM combines walnut and mahogany within a 14"x 7" shell for a unique snare drum sound. The walnut plies give the drum a bright/dry tone, while the mahogany adds just enough warmth and sustain. Now, add the 6 ply Maple SoundRings™ for a focused attack and you have a cutting, full-bodied snare. Finally, the "Champagne Mist" brilliant high gloss lacquer finish and vintage style tube lugs complete this classic look.

Retail is $749.00

Additional info, click here.

14"x7" and 14"x5" Snares Added to ParaSonic Line!

Matching snare drums are now available in your favorite ParaSonic brilliant high gloss lacquer finish.

Continuing with the ParaSonic concept, snare drums feature a combination of hand-selected 100% North American Sugar Maple and Select Premium Birch. 2 plies of maple are cross laminated with 8 plies of birch for a 8.6mm thick shell providing extra volume and maximum cut.

Available in 14"x7" and 14"x5", both models are outfitted with chrome triple flange hoops and matching vintage-style tube lugs.

Retail price for the 14"x7" is $599.00 and The 14"x5" is $579.00

Additional info, click here.

Galactic Audition Updates: New Color and 2 New Configurations!

Not only does Galactic Audition have a new color, Silver Sparkle, we've also added 2 new configurations below.

Jazz configuration:
20"x16" Bass
10"x8.5" Rack
12"x9" Rack
14"x14" Floor
14"x5.5" Snare

Scaled down Fusion configuration:
18"x7" Bass
8"x5.5" Rack
10"x6" Rack
12"x6.5" Rack
13"x5" Snare

Additional info, click here.

StudioMaple: New Color "Trans White"

StudioMaple features an all new Brilliant High Gloss Lacquer Finish for 2013 called "Trans White". The name reflects this finish's transparent properties. Don't let the pictures fool you, think of it as 2% milk coating maple grain.

Additional info, click here.

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